Drinking water filtration systems are an affordable alternative to bottled water. Not only can they reduce chlorine taste and odor, but they can also remove lead, mercury, and even asbestos from the water. Frank Plumbing Supply sells the most advanced filtration systems on the market, including stainless steel whole house filtration systems.  

Backwash filtration systems treat water as it enters your home to reduce chlorine taste and odor, iron, sediment and much more. We sell both residential and commercial systems at great prices.

We also have all the tools you need to install your new water filter!

We offer a large assortment of replacement cartridges for leading brands like:

• Cuno

• American Plumber

• Everflow

From water heaters and boilers to pumps.  Supply boasts a vast array of supplies for a broad range of commercial and residential plumbing projects.

The best water filters on the market

Backwash systems

Replacement cartridges

Here for all your plumbing needs

Get cleaner, better-tasting water in your home or business